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Hercules is perhaps one of the best demigods. He is the son of the god Zeus and the mortal Alcmene. He usually is portrayed as wearing a lionskin, the Nemean Lion, to be specific.


When the baby Hercules was born, the jealous goddess Hera sent to snakes to kill the baby. As a matter of fact, the Greek "Heracles" means "glorious gift of Hera." There were two dead snakes found in Hercules's crib. And the baby was still alive.


Hercules had a great life, married to Megara and having children, when one day the jealous Hera sent a fit of madness and Hercules accidentaly killed his family.

Plead for ForgivenessEdit

When Hercules had regained control, he saw what he had done. He then asked Apollo to rid him of his pollution,

Hercules, Heracles, or Herakles
Alliases N/A
Important Relations

Zeus (father)

Alcmene (mother)

Apollo (half-cousin)

Sacred Animals Nemean Lion
Symbols Lionskin, Club

and the god gave Hercules 12 Labours.

The TasksEdit

Hercules headed for the Oracle at Delphi where he recieved his Labours. Then he went to King Eurystheus and served him for 12 years, and during that time period he completed the tasks. He then was granted immortality.

Olympus, againEdit

Hercules married a wife. The wife had sewn a cloak smeared with Centaur Blood. Centaur blood brought agony and pain, but his wife did not know that. When Hercules tried on the cloak, the blood began its work. This would happen forever since Hercules was immortal. Hercules then gave up his immortality, for he couldn't take everlasting pain. He was burned on a funeral pyre, then the goddess Athena took Hercules to Mount Olympus where he remained in Greek Mythology.

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