Mythology has shaped the human race ever since it was created. It was believed to be true in the human heart in earlier ages, but soon died out as wonderful religions, such as Christianity, spread throught Europe and Asia.

What is "Mythology?"Edit

Collection of Myths I

Different Mythical Pictures

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes mythology as:

1) a collection of myths, especially myths dealing with a particular group of gods and heroes.

2) a branch of knowledge that deal with myths.

Why does mythology exist?Edit

Mythology was created by ancient civilization as a means to describe why things are the way they are. For example, Why is the Spring and Summer so different from Autumn and Winter? The Greeks answered this in their myth of Persephone and Hades.

Why do people study mythology?Edit

People study mythology as a means to uncover many questions. People study mythology, for example, to understand a culture's thoughts, actions and expressions, and beliefs. People who study mythology is called a mythologist. Many mythologists are historians. History and mythology are very similar to one another.

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