Zeus is the greatest person in Greek mythology . He is one of the best known people in mythology. Zeus is the god of the heavens, and son of Rhea and Kronos. He fathered over 100 children, some of them the Olympians.


Zeus was the sixth of six children, the youngest of them. He was a brother to Hera, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hades. Kronos was his father and leader of the Titans. Rhea, who was also a Titan, was Zeus's mother.

Kronos had kept swallowing the babies his wife had, for he feared that his children would do the same to him as he did to his father, Ouranos. He had killed his father to become leader of all, with a Scythe, or better known as a sickle.

In fear that her fifth son would be swallowed, Rhea switched the baby Zeus with a rock in a blanket. The titain had then gave maidens the baby to take care of on an isolated island.

When Zeus grew up, he gave his father "wine," which was a mixture of his regular wine and mustard seeds. Zeus's




Important Relations

Hera (Sister, Wife)

Poseidon (Brother)

Hades (Brother)

Kronos (Father)

Rhea (Mother)

Gaea (Grandmother)

Ouranos (Grandfather)

Ares (Son)

Athena (Daughter)

Apollo (Son)

Heracles (Son)

Sacred Animals



Zues's Thunderbolt, crafted by Cyclops

father then threw up his babies, all five of them (who had grown in his stomach), therefore the battle of the Titains and the gods began.


After the battle of the Titans, Zeus proved himself to be a leader (Well, really, the others didn't have a choice. He saved them, after all.). He then crowned himself over all the other gods as king of the gods and ruler of the skies. He spent much of his time pondering on his throne on Mount Olympus.


Zeus went on to have very few children with his wife, Hera, but many with other goddesses and beings. Some of his famous offspring include Heracles, Theseus, many Olympians, Tantalus, Argos, and some say, Alexandros, better known as Alexander.

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